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       This is run at Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced levels. We aim to improve listening, speaking, reading and writing, while stressing business vocabulary and satisfying business requirements. Further components focus on business culture in China.



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商务介绍礼仪 Business Etiquette–Business Card Exchanges and Introduction (Beginner)

Key Learning Points (Preview):

介绍 (jièshào): v/n to introduce/introduction

年龄 (niánlíng): n age

名片 (míngpiàn): n business card

In China, the first time “介绍 (jièshào) introduction” is crucial in business relationships. It is a stepping stone for successful business cooperation.

There are two main principles about the “顺序 (shùnxù) order” you must follow. One is related to the gender. That is, in China, we usually introduce the men to the ladies before introducing the ladies to the men in order to show “尊敬 (zūnjìng) respect” towards the ladies. The other is related to the “年龄 (niánlíng) age” and seniority. We usually introduce the lower positioned people to the higher positioned first in order to show respect towards the latter.

When exchanging “名片 (míngpiàn) business card,” you should pass your business card with both hands toward the receiving side. You should also take the other’s business card with both hands.

Key Learning Points:

介绍 (jièshào): v/n to introduce/introduction

(jiè)” literally means betweenand “ (shào)” literally means to connect. But in the word “介绍 (jièshào),” both the two characters mean to introduce.


    Qǐng yǔnxǔ wǒ xiàng nín jièshào wǒmen de dǒngshìzhǎng–Chén xiānsheng.
  允许          我们             生。

    Please allow me to introduce our chairman to you–Mr. Chen.

Nín hǎo, Chén xiānsheng, hěn róngxìng jiàndào nín!
 好,    生,               您!

 Hello, Mr. Chen, it’s my honor to meet you.

年龄 (niánlíng): n age

(nián)” literally means year and “ (líng)” means age. And there are some well-known quotations from The Analects of Confucius regarding to “年龄 (niánlíng) age.”
三十而立 (sānshí érlì)” means “At thirty, a man should have planted his feet firm upon the ground.”
四十不惑 (sìshí bú huò)” means “At forty, a man should no longer suffer from perplexities,” etc.


Nín de niánlíng bǐ wǒ dà.

年龄 大。

You are older than I.

名片 (míngpiàn): n business card

(míng)” literally means name and “ (piàn)” represents the meaning of “卡片 (kǎpiàn) card.”


Míngpiàn shàng yìn zhe wǒ de qǐ yè dì zhǐ hé  diàn huà hào mǎ.


My business address and phone number are printed on the business card.

生词(shēngcí) Vocabulary:

顺序 (shùnxù): n order

尊敬 (zūnjìng): n/v respect

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