Survival Chinese



     This course is designed to help you master basic Chinese so that you can survive when traveling in China. It is an excellent class to take if you wish to travel around China but don't have a lot of time to study the language thoroughly. The course usually lasts about 28  lessons.


Survival Chinese Lesson 1 Hello

1.你(nǐ) 好(hǎo) 。 Hello.

2.你(nǐ) 好(hǎo) 吗(mɑ) ? How are you? 

3.早(zǎo) 上(shànɡ) 好(hǎo) 。 Good morning.

Survival Chinese Lesson 2 What´s your name

1.你叫什么名字(nǐ  jiào shén me míng zi) ?        

    What’s your name?

    我叫wǒ jiào …    my name is …

2.你(nǐ) 叫(jiào) 什(shén) 么(me) ? 

   What’s your name?

3.您 贵姓(nín guì) xìng) ? 

   May I have your surname?

Survival Chinese Lesson 3 How old are you

1. 你(nǐ) 几(jǐ) 岁(suì) 了(le) ? How old are you?

2. 你(nǐ) 多(duō) 大(dà) 了(le) ? How old are you?

3. 你(nǐ) 多(duō) 大(dà) 年(nián) 龄(línɡ) 了(le) ? How old are you?

Survival Chinese Lesson 4 What is today´s date

1.今(jīn) 天(tiān) 几(jǐ) 号(hào) ? What is today’s date?

2.今(jīn) 天(tiān) 星(xīnɡ) 期(qī) 几(jǐ) ? What day is it today?

3.昨(zuó) 天(tiān) 几(jǐ) 号(hào) ? What’s yesterday’s date?

4.昨(zuó) 天(tiān) 星(xīnɡ) 期(qī) 几(jǐ) ? What day was it yesterday?








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