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Here are some further information about Chinese Courses in Kunming Robert's School — Mei's Mandarin

1. The semester is 18 weeks long, our class can start any time.

2. We can arrange Student Visa for you when you arrive.

Visa Cost     400 RMB

For students who study with us long term we provide a free visa service. You only have to pay for the visa itself, which costs 400 RMB per time for a maximum of 360 days.

 About Student Visa  You can come to China with a tourist visa and then we will help you change it to a student visa, usually we need 10 workdays to arrange the student visa ,so you had better apply 2 weeks before the expiry date.

Note: If you already have a student visa and then want our school to help you to change it to a new one , you have to ask the former school who gave you the student visa to give you a certificate that shows you have paid all their tuition fee and already finished study at their school

Applying for student visa must submit the following papers

a.Two recent color white back-ground, two-inch, half-length full face photo for the Visa Application Form (photo size 33mm * 48 mm )

b.The original valid passport ,Chinese visa and entry seal(The type of your passport must be ordinary)

c.The original and copy of Registration Form of Temporary Residence from local police station.(you can take your passport and your rental contract or take the house -owner's ID card to police station to apply it . if you lodge at hotel ,Please give the receipts or room card of the hotel.)

3. Our teachers mostly come from the north China ,and speak very standard Chinese Mandarin.

4. We have small classes – usually there are less than five people, max 8.

5. Each lesson is one hour

6. Free Tutoring

In the afternoon our school can arrange Chinese teachers to help you practise your Chinese one to two hours completely for free,this is our school special offer and are greatly welcomed by students. 












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