Robert’s School -- Mei’s Mandarin is a specialized Chinese language training school with State government certification, and is also an agency for the popular HSK exam for foreign students. Our school can help students to join in HSK activities and, when the students pass the exam, we can assist them in finding a foreign high school or college. In addition, our department can receive people who are interested in China or Chinese culture. We have short-term, medium-term and long-term classes, and we ensure that you will learn beautiful, communicative Chinese in just a short time.

Our Department assigns students to beginner, intermediate and advanced level classes according to their ability. All levels have small classes of students. When new students come to our school they take a Chinese proficiency test, and the Department will enroll them in the most suitable level of class.


Robert's School of Languages is a professional Mandarin and English training center based in Kunming, and has five branches. The school was established in 2001 under the provincial Education commission, dedicated to the highest academic standards in language teaching.


Teachers in many Mandarin schools teach in a dry and dull way that leads to students tiring of their Chinese lessons and losing interest in learning the language. Our teachers use modern teaching methods, such as pictures, actions, language games and role-plays to explain and practise new words, phrases and grammar. You really will find learning Chinese a pleasure, and you won’t get bored or frustrated learning Chinese if you choose Mei’s mandarin school.


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